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Group Introduction


Rizhao Steel, located at Lanshan District, Rizhao City, is adjacent to the National Road 204 and  the Tongjiang-Sanya Expressway to the west, 5 kilometers away from Lanshan port to the south and 35 kilometers away from Rizhao Port to the north. Its railway siding connects with trunk railways such as Beijing-Shanghai Line, Beijing-Kowloon Line and Lianyungang-Lanzhou Line. With convenient sea-land traffic and abundant fresh water resources, it has unique location-specific advantages.
In 2003, Rizhao Steel started to be constructed on a stretch of seashore and only used 181 days to successfully go into operation, thereby creating a miracle in the industrial sector of metallurgy. Therefore, it was highly praised as ¡°The Speed of Rizhao Steel¡±. After nine years of  development, Rizhao Steel has become an integrated enterprise group with a combination of sintering, pellet, iron-making, steel-making, rolling, oxygen-making, power generating, and well-equipped facilities. Up to now, Rizhao Steel has reached an annual production capacity of 15 million tons of steel, and the production of HRC, de-bar, wire rod, and beam  has taken shape. Besides the main production, Rizhao Steel realizes an annual output of 5 million tons of cement and 1.2 million tons of steel slag powder, 4.8 million tons of grain slag powder and 3.2 billion KWH power generation through developing the recycling economy.
In 2012, it ranked no. 28 among ¡°Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises¡± and no. 20 among ¡°Top 500 Chinese Private Manufacturing Enterprises¡± and won many honorary titles such as ¡°Top 100 Chinese Creditable Enterprises in 2012¡±. The company maintained excellent profitable momentum for eight consecutive years.
Rizhao Steel has almost 30000 pcs/sets of detective devices/equipment  related to the process of quality, measurement, safety and environment control and has introduced many state-of-the-art detective instruments from Germany, Japan, and Switzerland such as a large X-ray fluorescence spectroscope ,  an Infrared Carbon-Sulfur Determinator, Direct Reading spectrometers , a high-power microscope, a scanning electronic microscope, and an Oxygen and nitrogen, hydrogen analyzer. Achieved to  the test and inspection for all billets and steel products in the scope of chemical compositions, mechanical properties, metallurgical structures and surface conditions, which guarantee the size precision, stable property and reliable quality of the products.
Adhering to the strategic deployment of new industrialization road , Rizhao Steel follows quality-oriented principles , tries to build a rigorous and perfect quality assurance system. Through the Performance Excellence Model of internationalization, it perfectly integrates the GB/T19001, GB/T24001 and GB/T28001 into an effective entirety. The company also has been awarded the certificates for ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000. The ship building plates are approved by the classification societies of nine countries, including China, America, Britain and German. The hot rolled coil obtained  EU CE certificate and the deformed bar is certified by Korean KS.
The company has acquired the recognition and acceptance of the consumers. Its market share and credibility improve steadily, the products have been exported to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, USA, EU, South America etc. With the outstanding quality, Rizhao Steel won the favor of the clients at home and abroad. The company pursues high efficiency through reducing the cycle time of delivery and transportation. Rizhao Steel will always take advantage of the unique location to save transportation time for clients.
Since its establishment, Rizhao Steel has always stuck to the concept of green development and strives to keep the development of the enterprise  harmonizing with the ecological environment and  has realized complete recycling  of waste gas and zero discharge of wastewater and recovery for all waste residues. Due to the recycling economy and remarkable achievements, Rizhao Steel has been mentioned in the Report on the Development of Circular Economy in China by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and thus became the model of green enterprises.
During its self-development, Rizhao Steel actively returned the society. So far, the amount of various donations of the company has exceeded 750 million Yuan and is highly valued by  all walks of life. The company was awarded the title of Star Enterprise of Public Welfare by China Children and Teenagers¡¯ Fund, and has won the outstanding contribution award of public welfare issued by All-China Women¡¯s Federation, and China Charity Award issued by Ministry of Civil Affairs twice , and has appeared on Forbes Charitable Donor list for three times. Rizhao Steel will continue its spirit of ¡°keeping pace with the times, being earnest and factual, and working together to make steel cheerfully¡± in the future.
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